Friday, October 29, 2010

Campaign Promises

John Galsworthy said "Idealism increases in direct proportion to one's distance from the problem."

Campaign promises aren't usually based on reality. They are based on the idealism that comes from not having responsibility or in depth knowledge of the situation.

I always say that if I ran for office my platform would be that for Day Light Savings, We would "fall back" both times of the year. Thus giving everyone an extra hour of sleep twice a year. Its popular with the people, thus I am sure I'd get elected.

But setting our clocks back twice a year would have significant ramifications on our schedules matching with the sun. After a few years we'd be living a vampire's shift in the middle of the night, and going to bed at sunrise.

Leaders of any organization whether it is a company, a school, or a government need to create an infrastructure where its population can thrive and reach their goals.

For instance, in Toastmasters, the Vice President of Membership helps the members know how to get to their goals, but they don't give the speeches for the member. The member has to do the hard work of preparing and giving the speech.

Give our leaders support, tell them what we think on issues, and lets do our part to make our own dreams come true, because no one else will.

Thinking Big

Ben Carson’s humility comes through in this wonderful personal story of his childhood and especially of his mother’s harsh life. He brings us through those rough times into many medical cases that he faced and the lessons he learned through each of them.
Ben started life very poor and failing in school. His mother made a new rule that both her sons must read two books a week and write a book report on them. She also said that could only watch two TV shows a week. This new rule changed Ben’s life as he discovered a whole new world of books and went from bottom of the class to top with in a few years. Ben went on to become the youngest Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at John Hopkin’s medical center. His story inspires anyone, but I think its very important for young people to read. I have already given two copies of this book to high potential young persons.

I strongly recommend you put this on any young person’s Christmas gift list this year, and read it yourself as well.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Your life is measured in moments- Make Them Count

Recently, over hot meatball subs, my mentee and I talked about time management. She asked me how I get so many things done. I get this question so often and I am amazed that not everyone is doing the same things I do. So here is a quick list of my time management “tricks”
1. Have a clear understanding of your goals so you can quickly decide if some new thing that comes your way should go on your schedule or not.
2. Focus on one thing at a time. If you decided to work on your blog for an hour, don’t call your sister.
3. Use google calendar for all meetings/events. Its best to have access to it whenever anyone asks you to attend another event so that you can verify if your free. Double booking makes for stress.
4. Use your “free” time wisely. Prioritize what you need to get done, then when you have down time, use that to get some of those items finished.
5. Keep a todo list. Google has one that allows you to have different categories. I have one for each big project I am managing.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I am a Powerful Unstoppable Force

I am a powerful unstoppable force, and so are you.
Before you call me crazy, think about it.
We live in an age where we are extremely “powerful.”
We can get from Tampa Florida to France in 8 hours. We can have a face to face talk with a person in India over Skype…. For Free.
We can take medicines and have surgeries to save our lives. We can have c-sections instead of dying in labor. We can eat nutritious fresh fortified food all year long by simply walking into the grocery store. We have access to information about anything we want to know by searching in google. We can write a novel, a short story, a blog, a tweet and share it with anyone on the planet… instantly.

If we transported Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the most intelligent people of history, to our modern age, he would think we possessed magical powers. He would probably be dumbfounded. If we tried to explain to him how to use a computer, he wouldn’t even have a frame of reference for it.

Now lets think about how we use our power… Do we use our almost infinite strength to do good or do we waste it? I used to, like a lot of people, spend time wishing I had been born into another era, one of the past, where times were “simpler” but the more I read history and the more I think about the blessings we have today, I realize that we need to use our energies wisely. We must not waste this gift that our generation has been blessed with. We must use our powerful unstoppable force for Good.

Greg Mortenson - A hero for Fighting for our Dreams

Can one person make a difference? I always struggle with this question. When the world tries to force me to give up my dreams and tell me its impossible. When the world tries to push me into its too too tight ill-fitting mold, I need a role model. Someone to give me faith in the power of one person.

One such person to give us the faith we need in the power of one is Greg Mortenson. I just finished listening to Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. David took interviews with Greg and composed a fantastically well written book detailing the adventures of Greg’s trek up K2 in Pakistan. Greg has to fight very very hard to raise money to build schools for the extremely poor children in Pakistan which a special focus on girls education. His fight for his dream is inspiring and heroic.

He is a modern day hero who stood up against many difficulties and continues to fight to this day for these children across the world.
I highly recommend this book because of the beautiful language and vivid descriptions David uses throughout the book and because Greg is an inspiration for all of us to find ways to make a difference in our world. Find your faith confirmed in the power of one. You can make a difference.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Like There is No Tomorrow

Earlier this year my coworker came and sat down in my cube. His unexpected appearance created instant anxiety in me, but I had no idea what he was about to tell me. He told me Nick, a cube mate from a previous job died a week ago.

I am only 31. Thus not many of my friends have died. I asked a few questions that were almost automated, then my coworker left me to sit and think. The essential quality of what we call Life came squarely into focus. First his life flashed thru my mind. I had eaten so many lunches with him. Talked about culture and materialism the meaning of life. Now he was gone.

Had he fulfilled all his hopes and dreams? Had I? Have you? Life is short. We need to make sure we are living to the fullest. We need to think about what is important, and pursue it like there is no tomorrow, because there might not be one.


When I talk to someone new, I am actually interviewing the person and hoping they are interviewing me for a lifetime of creative collaboration. You can never find enough people with whom to conceive a brand shiny new idea to change the world.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Confidence of Youth

Tonight I read for a little boy tape for an audition after improv class. He was just a 7 year old but he was very confident. He said his lines very clearly and with passion.
If we all could reclaim that innocents when we thought we ruled the world....

Improv Class

Heading to my favorite event of the week: Ricky Wayne's Improv Class. Really gets my creative juices flowing!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dealing with Stress

Today my sister and I worked out at the gym, my favorite hobby. We lifted weights together. She ran a 5k on the treadmill while I went on the stair climber. We worked out for about 2 hours. Exercise is the best stress reliever. When I came home I felt like a new person.
You need to find out what recharges you. Something you do that afterwards you feel calm and happy. I have a whole bunch of things including praying, walking, dancing, painting, great conversation, writing, laughing, cooking.
Find out your's, and then put it into your schedule.