Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Greg Mortenson - A hero for Fighting for our Dreams

Can one person make a difference? I always struggle with this question. When the world tries to force me to give up my dreams and tell me its impossible. When the world tries to push me into its too too tight ill-fitting mold, I need a role model. Someone to give me faith in the power of one person.

One such person to give us the faith we need in the power of one is Greg Mortenson. I just finished listening to Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. David took interviews with Greg and composed a fantastically well written book detailing the adventures of Greg’s trek up K2 in Pakistan. Greg has to fight very very hard to raise money to build schools for the extremely poor children in Pakistan which a special focus on girls education. His fight for his dream is inspiring and heroic.

He is a modern day hero who stood up against many difficulties and continues to fight to this day for these children across the world.
I highly recommend this book because of the beautiful language and vivid descriptions David uses throughout the book and because Greg is an inspiration for all of us to find ways to make a difference in our world. Find your faith confirmed in the power of one. You can make a difference.

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