Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Limited Resource Emotional Energy

As a leader on a variety of voluntary projects I am always faced with having people let me down. Recently of the members on a project I am doing quit. It made me so mad, upset, and depressed. I questioned if I should just quit the whole project. Maybe it was a sign?

As a leader, we are very vunerable. We must trust people and delegate responsibilities to them. It’s very scary if it’s a really important task. I’ve had to learn how to deal with people letting me down. I used to spend a lot of time sad or mad at those who let me down.

Then realized my anger at the person who dropped out was wasting a precious resource: My Emotional Energy.

Each of us has a certain amount of Emotional Energy and anger, envy, and bitterness eat it up and provide absolutely no benefit. I realized I need to use my Emotional Energy to move my projects forward. Thus I moved on, and realized that I can find someone who has the time to join my committee. Life will go on and so will our projects.

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