Friday, November 12, 2010

Perfect Job Venn Diagram

I strongly believe that everyone should enjoy their life. In my earlier post, I showed a pie chart of an average person's day. We spend 1/3 of our day working.Thus if we spend 1/3 tortured, bored, feeling useless, then we are not enjoying 1/3 of our lives and are wasting them. 
There's no excuse for wasting your life.
Thus the next question is, how do I find my perfect job? Read on my dear reader.

Finding the perfect job is an ongoing task.

You need to identify the three following items:
1. What you like doing
2. What your skills are
3. What the world/market needs and wants

Then you need to find where they overlap.
This Venn diagram shows what you should do

The exciting part, is that all three of those variables will change regularly. So you need to constantly be updating your skills, discovering what you really enjoy and what the market is doing.

Go forth and enjoy!

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