Friday, December 24, 2010

All I want for Christmas

My heart overflows with joy as I am surrounded by my family this holiday season. In my family of nine children, I am the oldest. My family lives about eight hours away from me, so I don’t get to see them very often. Getting to know Jane, my youngest sibling who is all of 12 is a real delight. She told me she doesn’t have enough books around the house on history, so I bought her the 1021 page The History of the American People by Paul Johnson. She reads a few pages every night before we go to sleep.

Deciding what to get each of my sisters and brothers for Christmas has been a big challenge. I finally decided to take them to Ross Dress for Less and allow them to select one item of cloths. Then I took them a used bookstore and let them pick out 10 dollars worth of books.  Books hold information on every possible subject. The possibilities of a used bookstore where they can select any book should fill them with amazement. Some of them were excited and looked at each shelf with expectation. My brother, who is 14, said he did not like books. He loves airsoft guns and knows everything about guns. I found him The Patterns of War Since the Eighteenth Century by Larry H. Addington. He said he’d read it! Three of my sisters read avidly. All I want for Christmas is to watch my all little brothers and sisters love to read.

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