Thursday, December 2, 2010

Are you Delivering like Zappos?

I just finished a book you must read right now. Go to or or whatever your favorite book retailer is and buy Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh.
Tony narrated the audio version which I listened to over my vacation to Arizona this past two weeks. His voice was very soothing as he explained the how he went from a worm farm to being CEO of Zappos in a very charming funny way. He definitely lived an exciting life, but the second part of the book is all about the Zappos culture. Tony details why he had to develop a defined culture after his mistakes made with his first company LinkExchange. He realized he couldn't let chance control the future of Zappos. In the beginning of any start up, only people whoare friends work at the company.

I experienced this at two of the start ups where I worked. Everything is exciting. People work all hours of the day. You are with your friends all the time. But then slowly start ups hire outsiders who are just there for the money. The culture goes down hill to just a bunch of people there to do a job and get out.

Tony studied what makes people happy such as the following:
1. Have a higher purpose
2. Make progress all the time
3. Get into flow

Then Tony applied it to give Zappos' a higher purpose: to make their customer's happy. He implements the happiness theories thru out the entire company. He has made a science of getting his culture right. He has lots of practical ideas which every company would benefit from.

Reading this book will make you happy, I guarantee it!

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