Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Armed to the Teeth with Knowlege

In order to survive in our crazy world we must be armed to the teeth with knowledge. Knowledge in the jungle kept our ancestors alive when they watched someone eat a berry and they fell over dead, they remembered not to eat that berry! In the same way, if we don’t know what industries are on their way out, and what industries are on their way in, then we won’t be able to survive. 

Now a days we have so many ways to learn. In the past people could only learn from their parents and the elders in their village. 

Now we have access to almost all the knowledge and wisdom of the ages. Some is stored in easy to access mediums such as movies, comic books, blogs, tweets, websites, magazines, radio, tv, and podcasts. Some of this is stored in mediums which take more effort to access such as people, degree programs, journals, poetry, documentaries, and books. 

The key is the quality of the information you’re absorbing. Make sure that the information is worth remembering.

There are three steps to being able to figure out what’s going to happen next:
1.      Research what happened before (history)
2.      Keep up with daily events (news)
3.      Learn in depth about what’s happening now (documentaries, current events books, podcasts)

The average American reads less than one book a year. They say that if you read 3 books on any subject you will be an expert in that topic. If you can master the power of reading books you will be heads above everyone around you. Almost all successful people have one thing in common: They read veraciously.

 Get the knowledge and arm yourself to the teeth, because the world is changing way to fast too sit back and hope someone else is going to tell you what’s going on.

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