Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Improving Your Brain Storming

The other night we had an improv party Bay Area Improv Theater Toby Martini. We were coming up with ideas for a show, but everyone felt stifled and uncomfortable. My friend Toby Martini (, a professional Improv actor and business improv seminar leader, jumped in to help us out. He had us sit in a tight circle with our four sets of knees almost touching. He said we would have to name a new product and come up with description and then the slogan. The rules were no matter what anyone said we had to agree and build on top of it.

At first we were a little nervous. But then we got into the flow of it. We invented a dog house with a coffee dispenser in dog food flavors. We invented a little vampire like coffin for children to play with. We were laughing and having so much fun. Within 5 or 6 minutes we were warmed up and ready to start back on the serious business of brainstorming for real. I highly recommend you try this next time you need to brainstorm at a meeting. For more amazing ways to Improv your business, go to

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