Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Mentor

My mentor and I meet every week for the past four years. She advises me, inspires me, motivates me, and keeps me on the right track. Our time together is invaluable. Its so crucial for everyone to have at least one mentor that they meet with regularly. Someone who is alike enough in mentality to “get” you and give you that little bit of encouragement that many of your friends won’t be able to provide. But your mentor should also be significantly ahead of you, so that they can be a walking example of success.
We talk to each other using a specific format: She reviews all the accomplishments and trials of the previous week. Then she reviews the challenges and goals for the next week. Afterwards I do the same. Then we pray together. We thank God for all the blessings of the previous week, and we pray that he will help us with the challenges of next week. Not everyone will want to do this but it accomplishes the following things for us:
1. Verbalizing all the blessings creates an overwhelming sense of gratitude.
2. Hearing all of her accomplishments and goals inspires me to reach higher.
3. We can encourage each other in the face of tough times because we each remember how we've been thru worse before.
4. She encourages me by not looking at me like I am crazy when I tell her my plans and ideas.

We've been through tough times together and as the new year looms big and exciting before us, we head into it with excitement.

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