Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How's Your Culture?

Most people complain they work in a company with terrible Culture.
Most people complain they live in a town that lacks culture.
Most people complain the US culture has gone down the drain.

Most people complain.
But not you. You've realized complaining about things doesnt make a difference.

Instead you make your own culture which then you can export and share with those you love.

Companies are made of people. You can create a culture of sharing information just by doing it and encouraging others to do likewise.
You can support the arts in your town by visiting local theater and donating to local arts.

You can turn off your tv and stop "watching US culture" if it's so disturbing to you. My family got rid of our antenna in 2004 and we've enjoyed a higher quality of life ever since.
You control your experience of culture. It's called your family rituals.
For instance you can institue family meals made of wholesome food eaten at a table.
You create game nights with your friends where you learn about eachother and grow your friendships.

You can pick and choose which cultural elements you enjoy from around you and use them in your families experience.

You curate your own culture. Instead of complaining, try it. Most people won't