Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Unable to sellout?

Can you sellout?

The ability to walk the fine line between selling out and staying true to your high standards is the ability which can make you wildly successful or leave you unknown.

For example, my brother is a fantasic dj. He has highly developed taste in euro techno music. He refuses to play top 40, due to his tastes. But he lives in Key West where the market requires djs to play top 40 for weddings, thus he plays at a few clubs a few times a month.

He has an inability to sell out. He has a few options: he could move to a new market where the demand is higher, or he could create a market by educating the locals. Both don't seem to be on his radar.

Selling out is just the negtative name for the compromise of your orignial idea and what is publically acceptable that is required for all public offerings. All published authors are heavily edited.

Are you willing to sellout to gain a wider audience? You should determine your core values and determine how you could stretch your boundaries to reach more people.

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