Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is your Comfort Zone hiding opportunity from you?

One of my favorite books on presenting is by Tony Jeary called Life is a Series of Presentations. I just found an article written by him. Tony wrote the following:

"The people who have trouble recognizing opportunity are most likely the same people who are unwilling to leave their comfort zones.  What is a comfort zone?  First and foremost it is a mental state in which people lose the momentum to pursue a vision because they have accepted where they are as the best they need to be or do. Identifying and capturing new opportunities always requires strategic change and the nature of strategic change always disrupts comfort zones.  That is why change is a big deal to people and is so difficult to achieve. The pain that accompanies change can be financial, physical, or emotional, but regardless of the type of discomfort created by change, recession and hard economic times demand that you embrace it if you intend to remain competitive and effective. "

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