Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Joseph Miller died today

Today at 1:30am Joseph Miller died.
He dedicated the last few years of his life to helping others.
He focused on the best thing he knew for changing lives.
A proven way to increase the joy and personal achievement. But more than just personal goals, a way to reach out to the community. His focus was on Toastmasters clubs. He started over 70 in the last few years.

In case you don't know what Toastmasters is, its an international speaking organization. But it's also the reason I started this blog. One club meeting, our club members had to give a speech on the one thing they would change about the world. I racked my brain. I went thru dozens of ideas from birth control in the water to mandatory marriage counseling. Finally I realized what I really wanted is for everyone to be in the best job for them and that they would love it. And this this blog was born.

Toastmasters changes everyone who is serious about following the program. That's why Joseph Miller was so passionate about his mission to start clubs so others could discover the joy of communication, self confidence, and making an impact.

Thank you Joseph Miller. You will be missed, but your legacy continues.

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