Thursday, February 17, 2011

Your world is Googled

The impact of Google on our world is huge, but how huge? In this excellently researched book,
Auletta, thoroughly lays out the impacts of google on traditional media.

The real value in this book is the consolidation of all the news that we hear over the years, but never piece together to get the full picture.

Ken interviewed hundreds of both google and old media executives. He shows how Schmidt changes his own views over the years on business models for media. Page and Brim also worry about Hollywood gossip placing higher on google news than serious news. The world is influx. Auletta lays out a clear case for a new business model which will allow hybrid media with high quality news reporting which pays the expenses incurred while doing such reporting. But if your looking for the answers, read this first then keep looking and thinking, because the answer isnt here.

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