Thursday, March 17, 2011

Limitless opportunities

It never ceases to amaze me how blind people are to the endless possibilities and opportunities constantly surrounding us everyday. In his fantastic speech, Acres of Diamonds, which if you've not read yet, you need to read it now, Russell Conwell, gives example after example of fabulous opportunities literally in peoples own backyards. He also points out that you don't need a title or a position to start doing great things.

I've worked with a person at my company who swore to me that there are no opportunities to grow or get promoted at our company. I just shook my head. Three years later and two job positions later for me, he is in the same spot. He had the same opportunities that I had, the same education, same network. The only difference was he didnt have his eyes opened to what was clearly there. 

Attitude is the key to success. I often like to talk about my brother. He is extremely smart, he's got fantastic people skills,  but he lacks drive. I get weary trying to encourage him to go out and show the world his incredible talent. It breaks my heart to see talented people waste their lives because they are blind to how much they could do. I say if you going to dream, dream big and open your eyes to the limitless opportunities around you.

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