Monday, March 14, 2011

Start-up nation

In the new book, authors Dan Senor, Saul Singer, give an explanation of why Israel has The most startups.
This book was not the book I was expecting, instead of it being about how companies are structured, or about regulation, it was all about the culture of Israel. Their culture and how their society is structured creates entrepreneurial people who have both the desire, knowledge and network to create companies. The structure comes from several building blocks which are carefully laid out and compared and contrasted against similar countries. The mandatory military service is the embryonic stem cell which generates the other building blocks:
Questioning everything/Lack of recognition of hierarchy
Maturaty at an earlier age from combat experience
Because lIfe and death questions are always front and center the common Israeli is very disciplined and focused.

What this book does not do is give a step by step how to on transforming your country into a startup nation. Israel is very unique place which no other country could or would want to duplicate.
I recommend this book for general background on Israelian culture and history which are well told. Also the type of people and the pre-reqs for an entrepreneurial culture.

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