Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Childs Play vs Improv

On Sunday I was lucky enough to travel around the world with a famous detective. We were searching for hidden treasure. My detective was almost 10 years old and we travelled to Egypt, Paris, London, Venus, Greece, and more during the 3 hours we played together. . We had a huge green grass yard shaded by huge oak trees in central Califorina to shade us. We fought of several types of assailants including a lign in the accropolis.

To me playing with him was not very different from doing improv with my improv group. The rest of the adults were talking about boring things, so my 9 year old detective was much more interesting. The main difference between playing with a kid and my improv team is that the kid would block me.

In improv if I say, "WOah, look at all the diamonds in this cave." My detective partner should say, "Yes, and lets collect them for our laser cutting machine." But my 9 year old detective instead would say, "No theres no diamonds in this cave, only a rusted sword." So I would say, "Yes lets take the sword to use for our quest" and he'd agree'

In life we tend to want to say "No" automatically. Its just a default from when we are kids. We just think we know whats there. So when someone tries to give us something else we weren't expecting, we reject it. I am trying to be more open and see what diamonds are hidden in plain sight. You can try it too

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The power of Yoga

You should have seen me this weekend. I ran an first timers games section of the Toastmasters District 47 conference for about 130 folks who came at 8am. With the goal of getting to know each other, they played improv games and laughed and laughed.

In the afternoon that day, I ran for election for Division C Governor in Toastmasters District 47. I won! I now will have 7 areas in the Tampa area for which I am responsible. My term starts on July 1st 2011 and runs till June 30th 2012.

Then on Sunday evening I performed in an Improv show with Gavin Hawke. We were very connected and at the top of our heads. We came up with some pretty funny characters and scenarios including a couple on their first date after meeting on eHarmony. They were a perfect match because both wore bubble suits. That scene ended when one of the characters rolled away down the stairs while dancing. I laughed all the way home since I couldn't laugh on stage. I am still laughing.
But the glow started to wear off on Monday. Work was full of complications. I sorted thru the varies names I have for my area governors, and ran the architects meeting at my office.

I worked till late and then had to pick up some items from the health food store. I had the goal of going to my favorite hot yoga class on Monday night. I barely made it in time. When I sat down on my mat, I was completely exhausted. My teacher, talked to us a bit about why we do yoga, to help us help others. I just thought to myself that I couldn't help anyone in the terrible state I was in. Then we started doing all the posses and slowly my tension left my body via the flow of sweat that rolled off my face.

When I lay on the matt at the end, I felt very thankful that I made it there. You've got to take a little time to refresh, I told myself. I am glad I listened.