Sunday, June 12, 2011

Umair Haque on Global Prosperity: Building a better Economy

I've been following Umair Haque on twitter for a few months. Umair's comments on the economey are always interesting. When I saw he had posted a video, I took the 11 minutes to watch it.

Umair Haque Eudaimonics Redesigning Global Prosperity.: Video: Building a 21st Century Economy

I completely agree that we need to on shift from our current materialistic focus to a more actualization.

My sister and I have already started. Through my work with Toastmasters I help people communicate their ideas and passions with their communities. I help folks learn leadership skills to lead change in their own circles of influence. My hope is each one will go out and make the difference in a person's life whom I couldn't reach.

My sister Julie teaches martial arts to kids and adults. She loves teaching each of those groups for slightly different reasons. For adults its to help them stay in shape and learn self protection. For kids its for those two reasons but also to challenge the kids and make them grow intellectually. She teaches them life skills like focus, discipline, and respect.

I am happy my sister and I are part of this new economy already. Let us know how you are part of this new economy by posting a comment.

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