Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Three women win Google science fair

I just heard that Google's three winners in their Science Fair are women. I hope this encourages more girls to get into science and engineering. The more diverse a field's contributors the more inventions they'll create that will be useful to more people.

I've been in groups where we created a business case for a new product several times. Recently, I was the only woman on our team. Many of their ideas of how the product would be accepted were unthinkable to me as a woman. I had to keep explaining my own response to the features they were suggesting. They had a very hard time thining like me. I realized that its very important for any project to have a variety set of options early. Otherwise we will end up with a lot of products and services that are terrible.

I personally joined computer science field because my future husband showed me how a program he wrote in BASIC which accepted my name and printed it across the screen in lots of different colors. I was in love. But many girls never get this exposure.

What are some other ways to encourage women to get into science and engineering?

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