Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Becoming Radical

Kathy Potts' green eyes flashed as she looked at us across the table and said, "I had to become radical to implement my vision." We ate our last dinner of our Destination Breakthrough weekend. Kathy Potts orchestrated the entire weekend to unleash 10 women as part of her OnCore Performance Group mission to touch 5.5 million lives. "Become Radical" she repeated. This struck a cord with me. When you have a huge vision you can't be a regular normal person to fulfill it. You have to change your mindset and how you live in such a way that people look at your and realize you are Radical!!.

Kathy created a detailed experience for the 9 participants. We were at a spa resort in Vail Colorado for Friday night, Saturday, leaving on Sunday afternoon. From a trust walk on Friday night to eating a 5 course meal blindfolded, to visioning our most exciting future event in detail, to getting spa treatments, to climbing the mountain at sunset and declaring our goals she carefully planned every detail for radical impact.  I've never experienced anything so well thought through and well implemented. Her audience, amazing powerful women, completely enjoyed and benefited from the intense mindfulness she put into the experience.

We bonded, shared dreams, shared doubts. She taught us how to get out of "the cave" (the place we go when doubt fills us).  We created accountability partners who could keep us on track. This is the right way to change your life!

We had to create a 1 year plan to make our vision come true with the exact steps we needed to take. My main take away is that I can't be a normal person any more. I have to become Radical to make my visions come true. My goal is to reach my target audience of software developers with the steps to become a software architect.

I am happy to say that after the weekend I completed the first half of my book, and I got a paid speaking engagement!
Thank you Kathy!!

Find out more about Kathy and what she can do for you.
Use your head. Use your heart. Choose the Game.
Perform at your best!
Kathy Potts

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