Friday, October 21, 2011

Creativity Tools

Last month, September, was National Sketch Writing Month. I did my duty to write one sketch everyday. The first two weeks I found it quite difficult to write a "good" sketch. I wrote anyways. The last two weeks I would get ideas from everywhere. I'd over hear bits of conversation that made me grab my note pad and type it in. The news gave me ample material. I could barely pick which thing I wanted to turn into a sketch from the multitudes of ideas.

This gives me three insights into my creative process which I shall share with you. I am also giving a speech on Creativity at a Creative Communications conference on the 29th. Please come out if you are in the Tampa Bay area.

First, I manufactured motivation. For me being part of an event helped me focus on writing sketches. I had to write them otherwise I wouldn't keep up with everyone else. Know what motivates you. Think back to a time you were productive and recreate it. You can control your life. Manufacture motivation today.

Second, I fed my mind. Once I figured out what made a good sketch, I listened to things around me. I absorbed all the inspiration that was flowering everywhere. I let it soak in. I also started reading other sketches and comedy materials. I tuned my ear to it by feeding my mind.

Third, I sat down and wrote. Sometimes you just need to force yourself to do it. Often when I started writing I had no clue what I was going to write. I sat and put my fingers to the key board on a blank page as an act of faith and started typing. I needed to have the will power to sit and start.

This is just a very high level overview of what I learned. To learn more come out to hear my speech on Saturday Oct 29th.

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