Monday, October 17, 2011

Learning at Krav Camp

Last weekend I went to Krav Camp. At Krav Camp weekend we learned the basics of self defense against many attacks including choking, grabs, holds, knives, sticks, and guns.

During the time I learned a few lessons that critical to learning a new technique.

First, I trained with a lot of different people. Training with certain ones was incredibly energizing. I thought about each one as I trained. I realized the difference between the ones who energized me and those who didn't was the ones who energized me were giving me 100% of their focus and energy. They brought a level of intensity and realism to each drill. Training with them cemented the techniques in my mind.

Second, deliberate practice became the primary focus. When you learn how to defend your very life, you realize there nothing more important than getting it right. The whole camp focused on deliberate practice and coaching. Deliberate practice ensures that as you get more and more fatigued you will still execute the technique correctly.

Third, I learned how much stamina I have. We trained at 12 hours plus a two hour test. During that time we were physically active in the heat of the Florida day. The final test measured our intensity level after the 12 hours of training. Shihan wanted to know how'd we react to a threat when we were exhausted. He wanted to know if our techniques would fail as we got more and more tired. The tired factor is something we often forget. We need to train for stamina.

Training for 12 hours plus testing really clarified the best way to learn a new technique. I am totally wiped out now, but I am thankful for the experience and for the knowledge of what I am capable.

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