Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 11 of Novel Writing Month

Today is Day 11 of Novel Writing Month.
So far everyday has been a breeze to write the 1,776 words to make the 50 thousand word by Nov 30th required by National Novel Writing Month.
I get up early and write for two hours before work. Writing for two hours before work really jazzes me up for my  job. I am ready to get stuff done when I start.
I don't usually think about  my book the rest of the day, but sometimes when I am driving or sleeping I think about my characters.
Today was the hardest day so far. I got up late and only wrote about 250 words before work. I didn't like any of them. This evening my sister asked me to go to a coffee Shop with her, so I decided to get the rest of my writing in there.
When I got there I still had nothing. So I pulled out  my note pad. I started writing a letter from one character to another. Then after two full pages I realized what had to be done next in the book, and got out my ipad and started writing a storm. 1,981 words later I finished only because they were closing down.

If you are like I have always been, meaning a person who always wants to write something, but never does... Here are three things I've learned from National Novel Writing Month, affectionately called, NaNoWriMo:
1. Schedule the time to write and focus during that time. It doesn't happen by accident. If I don't put it on my schedule I'd never be able to find time to write.So if you are serious about writing, then put it into your schedule and make it sacred. Don't check your email or answer calls.
2. Just start writing. Often I have no idea what I am gong to write about, I just start writing. I'll write a line of dialog and then describe the physical position the person who said it is in. Then I add some emotion. Then I give the location. Soon I have a gripping scene painted before me.
3. If you get stuck, get back into your character's mind set. Dialog or write a letter from him or her. This will let you back into their world and allow you to recapture the story line.

Hopefully these lessons will help you as much as they are helping me. Write because everyone has a story from their unique perspective to share.
Let me know :)

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