Friday, December 2, 2011

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga book Review

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

Author Aravind Adiga in The White Tiger does for the political curruption in India what Charles Dickens does in Bleak House for court systems in England. Both create funny engaging stories full of vivid characters and griping descriptions of poverty.
What does an entrepreneur look like in Banglaor? According to the Balram Haliway, the main character in Aravind Adiga’s book, he looks like a White Tiger. Only one born every thousand years.
The poor village man in India travels to be come a servant in the big city. This man “lives in darkness.” The poor in India do not escape because they are like rosters looked in a cage. Their cage is that if they escaped the huge families they left back at home will be murdered as retribution. Because their family is all they have, they do not dare escape.
Balram, which means boy, tells his story to a Chinese official who wants to know how to turn China into a land of entrepreneurship.

The story of Balram doesn’t leave out any grim or grit which he lives in in India. We watch him slowly become more sophisticated as he comes of age. The writing evokes strong emotions in the reader from disgust at the skin diseases and the prostitution in India to excitement of getting a job as a driver for a rich family.  

Adiga writes so that the reader feels each moment of Balrams life from poor village child to owning his own successful company in Bangalore. He uses sensory language to make it pierce the reader. You won’t escape from this book without the smell of a slum. Read it if you are fearless and are ready to head into "the darkness."

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