Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Don't need a Hero

Recently I met a young man from China. We discussed US comic books. He said, "All your comics books are full of super heros. Its boring!"

He triggered some lines of thought about hero worship in our culture. Heros save the day. When things have deteriorated to the point of world disasters, then we call in our hero to save us. When a patient nears death, we call in our hero in the form of a medical genius. When the project at work is so off schedule, we have to call in a super hero project manager to save it. When a child is so rebellious, we need to call in a hero super nanny to fix them. I personally enjoy the heros from movies and comic books, but where can we get rid of hero mentality is in our daily lives and projects at work. We need to take preventative measures to prevent the need for a hero.

As a new years resolution, lets VOW not to let projects at work, our health, our neighborhoods, our houses, and our children get so off track to need a hero. Don't need a hero. Plan a head. Watch for issues. Take preventative steps to ameliorate become the issue escalates.

If we all did our part, we wouldn't need anymore heros. Then we could just enjoy them in our entertainment.

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