Friday, February 10, 2012

The Key to being Succesful in College

My sister is almost done with her last semester at community college. I asked her what the key to being successful in college is. She has a B average or higher.
Her secret is doing her home work right away, but then she admits, "But I don't actually do that."

So this leads me down the path, all of us know the right things to do to be successful in life: Discipline, organization, hard work. But how many of us actually do it?
If you’re a self help book junkie, you know all the best ways of Getting Things Done, but do you do them? Is life too intolerable to actually life day to day like that?

Last year I did so much accomplished so much, and I am very glad I did. But what was the price? I know that I enjoyed it, but was it too stressful? Did I miss out on anything important?

What we need to ask ourselves is what do we really want out of life? What do we want our lives to be about? What we need are some priorities. For me its this picture represents mine.

Next, after the priorities are created, tactically, simply look at each element in your day and ask which of these priorities this task will meet. If it does not meet any of your priorities ask you’re self why you are doing it? It is a waste of time. Start eliminating those time wasters.  If I am thinking about eating a big bowl of ice cream, I have to ask if this meets my health priority.

So this answers some ways of being successful, but not fully. You need to also be more strategic. Start planning goals for each. Such as, I am going to spend more time praying everyday. Or for example, I am going to plan a romantic valentine’s dinner with my husband to meet my goal of spending more time with my family.

Make sure your use your calendar to manage the important events, otherwise they will never happen.

The next challenge is over scheduling. What if you have so many fantastic opportunities which mean your goals in each area? How do you know when to say no? If you figure out, please let me know!!

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