Friday, June 8, 2012

What happens when A Spy Novel is too close to reality?

I just finished reading The China Oil Plot: Operation Ace in the Hole by Chuck Van Soye. The plot centers around the need for China to satisfy its oil thirst and a rogue element in Hugo Chavaz' Venezuelan government.
Bret, the main character of the book and his wife Chu-Lin who is a strong player as well, put everything on the line when their country asks them to become unlikely spys looking for a huge amount of weapons that could unsettle the power in Latin America.

As I read this book I felt like the author might know something I don't! Its all way too realistic.
Just this morning on NPR they had a story about Chavaz and his health, which is a huge factor in the plot of the book.

I kept wondering to myself, how is Chuck doing this? Its just brilliant! The book is a real page turner and I greatly enjoyed every bit of it. I could easily identify with the characters. The book's setting is the exotic Caracas Venezuela. Chuck Van Soye brings his background as an Army officer and a chemical engineer to play with the details on the weapons and environmental engineering that the plot centers around.  I highly recommend that you read this fun book soon

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