Thursday, November 1, 2012

National Novel Writing Month is here again!!

Yeah! I love these month long challenges. Last year I wrote Engineer Your Perfect Child. This year I am writing the sequal.

Whats it about you ask?? Glad you asked...
In 2020 scientists are working on creating genius in the labratory. Sometimes things go wrong, very wrong.

Indira pulled up the violin video from right after the implant. The boy, who was about 7, picked up the violin and began to play perfectly. With the same gestures, and movements that the source boy had. He even had the same facial ticks the source boy had. Then he seized up and then crumpled to the ground. She watched her staff run to the boy and lay him on the operating table. They put monitors all over him. When he finally came out of the coma after a few hours he had significant problems understanding or reacting. Slowly after a few weeks he was able to function at a very low IQ level.

Maybe when I am done you can read it...
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