Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Economic Crisis Explained in 7 minutes

Back in 2009 I decided to research and write a speech called "Economic Crisis Explained in 7 minutes"
Bett Correa explains the Economic Crisis in 7 minutes by reviewing the necessary items needed for a Bubble. Why did the mortgage crisis occur? Sources for this speech come from Dumb Money by Daniel Gross, Wired Magazine's The Secret Formula that Destroyed Wall street, 3 years of Economist Magazines, and This American Life's special coverage of the financial crisis.

Picture from the speech:

Friday, January 4, 2013

Highlights from 2012 in Pictures

Highlights of 2012

First, the word of the 2012 was the Chinese word for "Friend" Pengyou said "Pung Yo"
I met a huge number of amazing people who impacted my life. To list them all it would be too long. I am so glad I met you all!!

Publishing my book You Can Be a Software Architect

Mentoring and Sponsoring Startup Weekend

Travelling to China

Travelling to Japan

Speaking at SATURN 2012

Running the Cloud Architecture Symposium

Organizing and Directing the Christmas Play at my church on Dec 1st

Starting Grad school

Speaking at Tampa Code Camp & Speaking at Sarasota Code Camp

Wrote my novel Engineer Your Perfect Child

Painting my favorite painting so far

Winning Division Governor of the Year 2011 to 2012 for Toastmasters District 47

Learning how to Balbo dance properly

Teaching Improv to my kids at church & Teaching Improv to the kids at Metropolitan Ministries & Performed 1 hour long improv show with no break on Dec 20th, about the end of the world

Learning Chinese

Being the second most prolific person on National Sketch Writing Month site

Starting the Architectural Concepts Podcast

Over all I think 2012 was the best year of my life. Many more things happened that I don't have room for. Can't wait to see what happens in 2013!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How to Keep Your New Years Resolution

How to Keep Your New Years Resolution
We make New Years Resolutions every year.
Does this sound familiar about your past resolutions?
1. They were too unrealistic
2. You got discouraged
3. You realized you didn't really want do it

2013 is the year to change your life! It's time to be successful. The only way to be successful: Build your resolution into a habit.

When you do something for 28 days it becomes a habit. Those first 28 days will be extremely hard if your new activity is very different from your previous lifestyle.

After 28 days it will be harder not to do your new activity than it is to quit it.

1. Pick something you really are motivated to do.
I hear so many people tell me about all the things they want to do. Maybe they are only saying it because others have told them that they need to do it, but its not internalized. They even seem sincere, but deep down they aren't really convinced that their resolution is needed in their life. Change only happens when you are convinced that the old way of living is unacceptable. The tipping point must have been past or you won't do it.

2. Be specific.
Have specific goals with dates. A goal without specifics is a dream. If its losing weight, pick a target weight and a date. if its cutting down on drinking, then pick a target amount and a date. If its getting into grad school use the application date minus a buffer as your end date.

3. If its not an activity, make it one.
Spend time breaking your goal into several reoccurring or one time occurring activities. If you goal is get into a masters degree program, you'll have steps to take like researching the entry requirements, studying for the GRE, applying. If you want to lose weight, decide which activities you want to use:running, biking, yoga, making meals at home. If its saving money, maybe its what activities you shouldn't do, or replacements like instead of going out to the movies, you'll watch a netflix movie.

4. Build the activity into your schedule.
Examine your schedule. Find slots where you can put in the activities. If its reoccurring, then make it reoccurring. If you're using a calendar like google calendar this is very easy. If its one time steps, put them into places where you can focus and not get distracted.

5. Find others to hold you accountable.
Find one or more friends who will text you, call you, message you and make sure your on track. Be honest with them and let them help you with encouragement and forgiveness. If they can join you in activities then involve them.

We use New Years Resolutions to make our lives more the way we want them to be. Using these steps will help you be more successful.

Good Luck!!