Sunday, February 17, 2013

Make your small business successful! Tips from Michael Gerber's great book EMyth

By Michael Gerber is written for small business owners. He explains that customers want consistency when they visit your business. Your business is a shelter against the disorderly world. They come to you to always get their coffee the same way, or always get their software programs done on time.

There are three types of people in each of us:
1. Technician who wants to do tasks the best they can. Their motto, "If you want it to be done right, you've got to do it yourself"
2. Managers who want to take a group of tasks and make them into a process. They want to create a schedule and organize the work.
3. The entrepreneur who come up with ideas and visions for the future. A better way of doing things. Solving tomorrow's problems causing chaos and confusion for Technicians and Managers.

The problem is that a Technician decides to open a business then only focuses on the tasks they love to do instead of using their internal manager and entrepreneur selves to build a business. They end up burning themselves out and quit.

The solution is that all three personalities must be involved in business development. The entrepreneur must come up with a vision and the mission. The manager must develop processes and manuals around each area and hire people to work in each area when the business can afford it.
The mindset going into any business must be to make a franchise. Everything must be documented and systematized so that it will be repeatable process and consistent results are created.

I really enjoyed this book and found the ideas applicable for any sized business and am currently using them at my own job in a large company.
I highly recommend anyone thinking of starting their own business to read this book and learn how to create business processes to make their business successful and avoid burnout.

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