Monday, March 4, 2013

How to Self-Publish a Print Book

Last year I wrote a very popular article on how to write and self-publish your own books. This is an update to that that shows you how to create a print copy of your book. I would always recommend a Kindle version as well.

If you follow these steps your book will be available on

1. Create an account and log into
2. Click on Add Title
3. Fill out the information and select Paperback
4. Select Guided
5. Fill out all your details on your book
6. Select "Free CreateSpace-Assigned ISBN - We can assign an ISBN to your book at no charge"
7. Click on Interior to upload your book in Word format.
8. Click on Cover and upload your book cover. Make sure it’s both front and back.
9. Complete Setup
8. Order a preview copy of your book to do a proof. You'll get it in a few days. Make sure you check the margins are consistent. I had a lot of imagines that kept running over the sides of the page. Also there is a preview where you can check on your modifications quickly.
9. Set up the pricing and distribution. I recommend setting up your kindle version separately.

Writing your own book is a great feeling, and having a print copy lets you sign it and give it to your mom. Create Space is a very easy way to get a print copy of your book and get it onto


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