Saturday, July 27, 2013

My new pet: the rumba

My cat died two months ago. My husband and I debated getting a new kitten, but as I got used to not having up clean the cat litter and refilling the water I got happier and happier. 

Then while we were at Sam's Club I caught my husband looking at a
Rumba. I realized this would be my new pet. Instead of one that made me clean up after it, it would clean up after me. This is the modern age!

As a customer experience architect,
I was I interested in documenting the experience I had in setting it up. Here goes.

So we bought it and put it into the car.

The box was easy to open. 

They asked me to call before returning it.

I took off the plastic to see what it looked like. Then I flipped it over.

The simple instructions had 5 steps.

1. Pull the battery tab.

step 2. Set up the charging station 

Step 3. Charge it 

Now I just need to wait over night for it to be ready to clean my floor!

Step 4. Three hours later we let it free:

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