Thursday, September 25, 2014

Behavior Modification

The only way to change behavior is to follow these steps: 1. become aware of the exact behavior, 2. identify what triggers it. 3. identify the benefit received from the behavior.

Once we've analyzed the behavior by understanding all three above, then we work on tweaking one of the 3 areas above. If you drink to excess when you walk into a bar and feel less worried when you are drunk, then you can focus on the trigger: Avoid Bars!

The problem is when we keep doing something small that we don't notice on our own. That is where a coach can help.

example: I hold my arm in a weird way while dancing. My dance teacher pointed it out to me and so did Steve. Because the trigger is unknown except that it happens when I am dancing, I just have to learn to notice it and change it as soon as I do. Steve also is watching for it and pointing it out to me all the time.

I am not sure what else there is besides behavior. Mental states create behavior, but most mental states (within NORMAL ranges) can be manipulated via sleep, distraction, friends, movies, improv, dancing, mediation, exercise, massage, drugs if really needed ( sugar, caffeine, alcohol, magnesium, melatonin)

We are just moist robots. We have to learn how our moist robot both the mental states and our physical states reacts to inputs. If we can learn how we react to all situations then we can be fully self actualized. These are all based on my own moist robot: If I eat Carbs I feel tired and my behavior is sluggish and slow. If I drink caffeine I feel hyper and my behavior is nervous and non focused and we make mistakes. If we exercise we feel level and happy and our behavior is focused and productive. If I sit for more than 20 minutes at a time I feel tired and bored and my behavior is distracted and I get less done.

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